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At 20XX we love to give shine to the melanated beauties in our communities!  If you know someone who exemplifies the full embodiment of Beauty in their own rights and by their own definition, we would love to feature them!

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Inspirational Personality & Entrepreneur

  • Age: 33

  • Sign: Aries

  • Hometown: Columbia, SC



@iamtiffanyj (everywhere except IG @iamtiffany_j)

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Beauty should never be defined by society.  It's not just a look; it's not just a feel; it's not just someone's opinion.  It's individuality. It's being expressive.  It's loving yourself--flaws and all.  It's YOUR TRUTH about what you believe about you and all of who you are knowing that your defined beauty can't be found anywhere but within you. -TiffanyJ