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January|February 20XX+1


Toni Jones

Catch the jewels that this beautiful soul drops on the power of words, affirmation music and how to shift in your own life.

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Then & Now

Can you guess who this R&B Diva is? Find out who it is in our Then & Now section of this issue.

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20XX Tribute

"Remembering my Sister, my friend"

A glimpse into the friendship of Mamie Hayes Hartwell and the beloved 27th National President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

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The Mental Health Moment
with Kendra Talley

Sexual harassment is defined as a behavior characterized by the making of unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances in a workplace or other profession or social situations. According to an article by NPR on February 21, 2018 there was an online survey called, "Stop Street Harassment", in which it surveyed both men and women. The findings were 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men had experienced some form of sexual harassment during their lifetime.


Sexual harassment can take multiple forms. Those forms include verbal--which can be being catcalled or whistled at or getting unwanted comments of a sexual nature. Other forms include physical and cyber harassment and sexual assaults. That can include unwelcomed sexual touching, being physically followed and unwanted genital touching. I found these statistics to be alarming, but I also related to these findings. Unfortunately, I too have been a victim of sexual harassment on multiple occasions.